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5 Most-Read Pharma Forum Dialogues Blog Posts of 2015

Posted by Lucy Siegel on Jan 19, 2016 5:55:26 PM

Did you miss out on reading one of New York Pharma Forum's most popular posts in 2015? Here’s a chance to catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting.

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Impact of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on Japanese Pharma

By Kim Nemirow [left], Cori Lable [middle], and Hidemi Chen, Ropes & Gray [right]

 RopesGray_Kim_Nemirow.jpg  RopesGray_Cori_Label.jpg  RopesGray_Hidemi_Chen-239945-edited.jpg      

This post explains why Japanese pharmaceutical companies that operate inthe United States must be aware of anti-corruption laws in both the United States and Japan.  These laws can be used to prosecute misconduct occurring in Japan, the United States, and even other countries.

Softgel Formulation: An Elegant Vehicle for Commercial Success

By Jyoti Sharma, Content Marketing Specialist, Catalent Pharma Solutions


 Safety, efficacy, bioavailability and solubility issues were the most significant factors in drug delivery, according to a recent survey. About 70 percent of new chemical entities are either poorly soluble in water, have low cell permeability or both. This post explains how and why Softgel formulations solve many drug development challenges.


Double Your Dose of Social Media and Call Me in the Morning

By Kathy Cripps, President, The PR Council


The average American visits a doctor three times a year, but spends 52 hours absorbing health information online. Yet half of the 50 largest pharma companies don’t use social media to engage consumers or patients. This post explains the importance of social media to the drug industry and provides tips for using social media.


FDA Adopts New Procedures for Evaluating Names of Drug Products

By Clark G. Sullivan [left], Michael D. Hobbs [middle], and Austin Padgett [right], Troutman Sanders LLP


In 2014, the FDA announced an initiative to reduce drug errors by evaluating product names. In a May 2014 Draft Guidance, the FDA noted its intentions were “to develop proprietary names that do not cause or contribute to medication errors or otherwise contribute to the misbranding of the drug.” This post explains the factors the FDA is looking at in evaluating product names.

Court Decision Clarifies Hatch-Waxman Data Exclusivity

By Clark G. Sullivan and Sujatha VathyamTroutman Sanders LLP



In this post, the authors discuss how a U.S. District Court decision in the case Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. FDA gives drug developers valuable insight and FDA guidance when choosing data to rely on in their 505(b)(2) applications, and the ramifications of such reliance.

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